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Sketchbook Process

Talented illustrator friend Ed Cheverton was inquiring about my process for a talk he’s giving on sketchbooks. Something I’d never properly considered until now. Below you’ll find my attempt in breaking it down.

'I guess you could say that my use of Sketchbooks is some what schizophrenic but to apply order to their function I would say it comes down to immediacy. And when I say Immediacy I mean how quickly I am thinking or need to think about something. I'm primarily a note maker. It's more a process of applying structure to thought, organising random words into cohesive sentences but I also sketch from time to time, nowadays this is mostly a digital process.

Here are the formats I use and their divisions.

1. Immediate - Notes made on the day of an event, whether that’s a meeting or a stack of to dos.



2. Projects - Projects are usually divided up into a stacks of sheets, mostly sketches and notes. It’s easier for me to get everything out and apply some curation of thought that way

Loose sheets


3. Thoughts - For the cliche coffee and cafe moments, in transit, on holiday, etc.


4. Public Play - Digital note-taking, this area is mostly practice and play, a chronological documentation of aesthetic ideas, concepts.. 


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